What is Wyngspan, and how does it work?

Wyngspan is a network where consumers, professionals and businesses can share and find trusted resources. Give recommendations in the form of �Trusts� to those professionals and businesses you trust. Invite your family and friends to do the same. You�ll have a Trust Network of your own that you can turn to anytime you need!

What should I do after I sign up?

Give recommendations (Trusts) to all the professionals and businesses you Trust (plumbers, realtors, yes even restaurants). The more value you contribute to the site as a consumer, the more weight a �Trust� from you will carry. Invite your friends and family to join with the invitation features built into your account. The goal is to make your life easier! Let�s eliminate the need to search through endless reviews so you can simply find the most trusted option in seconds.

How are you different from review sites?

Wyngspan is a site for sharing recommendations in the form of �Trusts�. People need to know who to trust before they make a decision. Although review sites attempt to resolve this problem, we think they�re missing the mark due to anonymity, bias, and general lack of transparency. We do, however, understand the need for professionals and businesses to receive feedback (both positive and negative). So if you have something you�d like to address directly with the business / professional, message them directly with any type of feedback (positive, negative, neutral).

What is the Trust Factor?

The Trust Factor is a number between 0 and 100 (100 being the best) that makes finding a trusted business or professional very simple and fast! The following factors go into a Trust Factor:
1. Quantity of Trusts Received
2. Quality of Trusts Received (quality is based on the reputation of Trust issuer)
3. Industry category (only those in the same category are compared to each other)
4. Lastly, in the case of businesses, company size is considered (only those that are similar sizes are compared to each other).

Is a low Trust Factor an indication that a business or professional is not trustworthy?
NO! A business or professional could have a low Trust Factor for a variety of reasons:
1. A business / professional may not have claimed their Wyngspan listing YET
2. A business / professional may be a newer business without many established customers / clients to share their Trust in them YET.
3. A business / professional may not have utilized the tools available to ask their customers / clients for Trusts YET.

Why should I give �Trusts� to businesses and professionals?

Your family and friends will easily be able to find recommendations from their own network without even having to ask you! Also, those businesses and professionals that have earned your trust would definitely appreciate receiving a Trust from you (helps them build their Trust Factor too).

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